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France Fm

Early-attested site in the Parish of Stourpaine

Historical Forms

  • Nodford 1086 DB
  • Not(t)ford(e)locky 1265 Cl 1431 FA
  • Not(t)ford(e) Lok(') 1280 QW, Ass
  • Notforde Locki 1288 FF
  • Notford Lok(k)y 1303,1346 FA
  • NatfordLok(') 1280 QW, Ass
  • Nutford Locky 1288 ib
  • Nutford Lokky 1316 FA
  • Nutford Lokke 1428 ib
  • Franc' 1368 Cl
  • Nutford Lockey als. France 1587 Hutch3
  • France or Fraunce 1774 Hutch1
  • Loky 1244 Ass
  • Locky 1275 RH
  • Locky 1288 Ass
  • Fraunc' 1327 SR


France Fm (ST 867082), Nodford 1086 DB, Not (t )ford (e )locky 1265 Cl, 1431 FA, Not (t )ford (e ) Lok (')1280 QW, Ass , Notforde Locki 1288 FF, Notford Lok (k )y 1303, 1346 FA, NatfordLok (')1280 QW, Ass , Nutford Locky 1288ib , Nutford Lokky 1316 FA, Nutford Lokke 1428 ib, Franc '1368 Cl, Nutford Lockey als. France 1587 Hutch3, France or Fraunce 1774 Hutch1, v. Nutford Fm in Pimperne par. supra ; for the DB identification, v. Eyton 137–8, VCHDo 3113. The affix -locky is from the family of Richard Loky 1244Ass (mentioned in connection with Blandford), Jordan Locky 1275 RH, Henry Locky 1288Ass (both mentioned in connection with Badbury hundred). Hutch1 1 81 supposed that the later name France was 'from some Frenchman that possessed it in the Norman times'; more plausibly, Fägersten 58 considers that it may be an allusion to land held in Nutford by the abbey of Fontevrault (cf. Lib ' Abbatisse de Fonte EboraldiNutford ' et Blaneford '1280Ass ), cf. PN Brk 542 for an even earlier instance of Fraunce as a transferred name. On the other hand, France is possibly manorial in origin, perhaps from the family of William Fraunc '1327SR (Pimperne), cf. French's Fm in Wimborne St G. par. infra , France Wd Sx 401