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Ryme Intrinseca

Major Settlement in the Parish of Ryme Intrinseca

Historical Forms

  • Rima c.1160 Sarum
  • Ryme 1229 Pat 1247 FF 1268 Ass 1284 FF 1325 Pat
  • Rhyme 1839 TA
  • Rym 1280 FF 1288 Ass 1297 Pat 1298 Ch 1303 FA 1388 Cl
  • Reme 1422 Pat
  • Rime Intrinsica 1603–25 LRMB
  • Rime Intrinseca 1622 Ct
  • Ryme Intrinsica 1611 Rent 1621 Ct 1826 Gre
  • Ryme Intrinseca 1795 Boswell 1870 Hutch3
  • Inn Rime 1603–25 LRMB
  • In-Ryme 1774 Hutch1


From OE  rima 'a rim, an edge, a border' referring to the situation of Ryme on the Do-So county bdy, cf. Rimpton So (DEPN) which contains the same word (with tūn) and lies on the same bdy some 7 miles N from here. The Lat affix intrinseca 'inner, lying within the bounds' (occasionally alternating with English in(n)) is 'in contradistinction to the outlying manor of Ryme Extrinseca in Longbridy' (Hutch3 4491), v. Long Bredy par. supra .

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