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Field in the Parish of Motcombe

Historical Forms

  • Wearmewlle Hy3 Cerne
  • Weremeswelle 1270 For
  • Wermeswelle 1300 Hutch
  • Wermeswoll ' 1838 TA
  • Wormswells 1609 LRMB


Wearmewlle Hy 3(14), Weremeswelle 1270(p), Wermeswelle 1300, Wermeswoll' 1307,Wormswells 1609(v. well(a), wyll(a)'spring, stream'; if the first form isreliable, the first el. is probably wearm'warm' as in Warmwell par. 1170, but -s - in the other forms suggests a pers.n., perhaps an OE  pers.n.Wearm(from wearm'warm', cf. Reaney s.n. Warme); in the bounds ofGillingham forest)