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Field in the Parish of Motcombe

Historical Forms

  • Koggesmannestune Hy3 Cerne
  • Koggesmannestone Hy3 Cerne
  • Tukemannestone 1247 For
  • Cokemaneston 1300 Hutch
  • Cokemanstone 1568 Hutch
  • Cokeman 1332 SR


Koggesmannestune, Koggesmannestone Hy 3(14), Tukemannestone 1247(1270)(sic, for Cukemannestone), Cokemaneston 1300, Cokemanstone 1568('Cokeman's estate', a late name in tūn no doubt to be associated with theancestors of Richard Cokeman 1332(Shaftesbury), cf. also Cokemanneslond'1415, v. land; Cokemaneston was a point on the old bdy of Gillinghamforest and manor near the present Motcombe-Shaftesbury bdy)