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Early-attested site in the Parish of Hampreston

Historical Forms

  • firma voc' Hillamlands 1553 Cecil
  • Hullamland(e) 1562 Hutch3 1618 CH
  • Hullomslonde 1620 ib
  • Hillham Lands Fm 1822 EnclA
  • Halham or Hillham's Lands 1869 Hutch3
  • Hyll', Hile 1583 Glyn
  • Hull' als. Hullamlande 1620 CH


Hillamsland (SZ 071984), firma voc ' Hillamlands 1553Cecil , Hullamland (e )1562 Hutch3, 1618CH , Hullomslonde 1620ib , Hillham Lands Fm 1822EnclA , Halham or Hillham 's Lands 1869 Hutch3, to be identified with Hull 1330, 'the manor of Hull '1403 Hutch3 3421, Hyll ', Hile 1583Glyn , Hull 'als. Hullamlande 1620CH , cf. Hill Howe 1583ib , (An halve on ) Hill 1837TA , 'the hill', v. hyll , howe , half . Hillam - is then probably 'enclosure at the hill', or 'enclosure at Hill ', v. hamm , with land 'estate'; earlier forms are needed to support a different possibility, that the medial -am - represents an earlier hǣme 'inhabitants', cf. Speenhamland Brk 259. The farm at Hillamsland is situated just below the hill on which Belle Vue Barrow infra stands.