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East Orchard, West Orchard

Major Settlement in the Parish of East and West Orchard

Historical Forms

  • (ad) Archet, (at) Archet, to archet 939 ShaftR(S445) 15
  • (at) Archet, (to) Archet 963 15 ib
  • Archet 1176 P 15 ShaftR
  • (West) Orchet 1317 Hutch3 1330 Cl 1423 Pat
  • West Orchet 1576 Glyn
  • (West) Orchett 1505 ib
  • (East) Orchett 1645 SxAS
  • (West) Orchard' 1427 Weld1
  • (West) Orcharda 1535 VE
  • Estorchard, Westorchard 1575 Saxton
  • (þis sent þa land imare to archet þare westere fif hide) in 939 (15) ib (S 445)


As pointed out by Ekwall DEPN (cf. earlier discussion in Anglia Beiblatt 36 149) and Jackson 327, this is a British name meaning '(place) beside the wood', from PrWelsh  *c d 'wood' (Welsh  coed ) with *ar 'beside, in front of, facing', identical with the Welsh p.n. Argoed (of which there are several examples, v. Melville Richards, Welsh Administrative and Territorial Units , Cardiff 1969, p. 7), cf. also Argoedd Ch 429. From the 15th cent. the forms show association with orchard .

The division into East and West is early: the bounds of East Orchard are given in 963 (15) ShaftR (S 710), those of West Orchard (þis sent þa land imare to archet þare westere fif hide ) in 939 (15) ib (S 445).

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