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of eldmannes wrthe

Field in the Parish of East Orchard

Historical Forms

  • of eldmannes wrthe 963 ShaftR
  • on eldemanneswyrde 963 ShaftR
  • of ealdmannes wyrde 939 ShaftR
  • to ealdmannes wyrþe 939 ShaftR
  • to heldmannes wrthe suthward 932 ShaftR
  • on ealdmannes þyerðe 958 ShaftR


of eldmannes wrthe, on eldemanneswyrde(this is the starting and finishing point of theAnglo-Saxon bounds of E Orchard, as well as of W Orchard(of ealdmannes wyrde, to ealdmannes wyrþe 939(15) ShaftR(S 445)), and it also occurs inthe bounds of Fontmell M.(to heldmannes wrthe suthward 932(15) ib(S419)) and of Thorton in Marnhull(on ealdmannes þyerðe(sic) 958(15) ib(S656));'Ealdmann's enclosure' from the OE  pers.n. Ealdmann and wyrð)