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Major Settlement in the Parish of Wembury

Historical Forms

  • Weybiria t.Hy1 Oliver 1329
  • Wenbiria t.Hy2 Oliver
  • Wenbir 1238 Ass
  • Wenbury 1318 Ass
  • Wembir 1238 Ass
  • Wembury 1359 Ass
  • Wymbury 1283 Ass 1386 Exon
  • Waynbury 1365 MinAcct


This place has been identified by some with the Wicganbeorh of the ASC (s. a. 851), but in view of the early spellings given above, this is impossible. The second element is burh . The first is difficult. It may be Wægan , gen. sg. of a pers. name Wæga , a pet-form of one of the rare OE  names in Wæg -.

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