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St Budeaux

Major Settlement in the Parish of St Budeaux

Historical Forms

  • Seynt Bodokkys 1520 Recov
  • Seynt Budoks 1553 FF
  • St Budox 1624 Recov
  • Saint Budeaux or Saint Buddox 1796 Recov
  • capellis S'cor' Budoc' et…, cum capellis S'cor' Budoc' et… 1535 VE
  • St Botake 1539 LP
  • S. Budok chirch c.1550 Leland


This parish (the earlier name for which was Budshead infra ) takes its name from the Celtic saint Budoc to whom the church was dedicated. Cf. Budock (Co), ecclesie sancti Budoci 1208 ClR. The name Budoc (k ) goes back to OBritish Boudicco (s ), of which the fem. Boudicca is well known in the corrupt form Boadicea .

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