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Major Settlement in the Parish of Pancrasweek

Historical Forms

  • Pancradeswike 1197 FF
  • Pancrastwik 1234 Fees399
  • Pankardeswik' 1242 Fees791
  • Wykepranhard 1285 FA
  • Prankardiswyk 1303 FA
  • Prangardeswik al. Prankardiswyk 1316 Ipm
  • Prankerdeswyk 1374 FF
  • Wyke Sci Pancratii 13th Torre 1291,1340 FF
  • Capella de Wike 1291 Tax
  • Wyk Sancti Pancracii 1346 FA
  • Weeke St. Prancars 1570 Deed


v. wic . The church is dedicated to St Pancras (Pancratius).Cf. Germansweek infra 183 and Week St Mary (Co). The early forms offer difficulties. They can be explained in two ways.Either there was a popular form Pancart for Pancratius , which under the influence of English names in -hard was changed to Pank (h )ard and with further insertion of a second r to Prank - (h )ard , or the association of the parish name with the dedication of the parish church is a piece of folk-etymology, and the real name of the village was derived from some late settler bearing the name Pancoard (Förstemann PN 243), of Continental Germanic origin.