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North Petherwin

Major Settlement in the Parish of North Petherwin

Historical Forms

  • Pidrewin 1138–55 Exon 13th
  • Nordpydrewyn 1269 Exon
  • North Piderwine 1259 Exon
  • Northpiderwyne 1283 Exon 1286 Ass
  • Northpederwyn 1346 Pat
  • North Pederwyn 1432 Pat 1551 DeedsEnrolled
  • Northpytherwyn 1581 FF
  • Pidelsir, Pidersir 1201 Ass
  • Pidre 1274 RH
  • Pythreshir 1338 Rental


This place and South Petherwin in Cornwall are some miles apart and, as they have no natural feature in common, such as a river or hill, it is probable that the name was originally that of a district or large area. This is rendered probable by the fact that there is a Cornish hundred named Pyder (Piderscire 1185, Piðersire 1186, Pidelescira 1187 P, Pidelsir , Pidersir 1201Ass , Pidre 1274 RH, Pydrisire 1303, Pydreshire 1306 FA, Pythreshir 1338Rental ). Petherwin probably contains the same word, the additional element being the British *vindo (W  gwyn ), 'white.'