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Ryder's Hill

Early-attested site in the Parish of Lydford

Historical Forms

  • Gnatteshill, Gnattleshill, Knattleburroughe 1608 Dartmoor
  • Knattleburroughe called in old records Gnatteshill 1608 DuCo
  • Knatteshill 1786 DuCo
  • Ryders Hill 1827 G


Later forms are Gnatteshill , Gnattleshill , Knattleburroughe 1608 Dartmoor, Knattleburroughe called in old records Gnatteshill 1608DuCo , Knatteshill 1786DuCo , Ryders Hill 1827 G. The Gn - forms seem to be the correct ones. The name may mean 'gnat's hill' or perhaps 'Gnat 's hill,' Gnat (OE  gnæt ) being here a pers. name of ME origin. Cf. Great Gnats' Head, 2 miles to the west.