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Early-attested site in the Parish of Lydford

Historical Forms

  • Renewych 1317 Pat
  • Renewith 1365 DuCo 1379 Dartmoor
  • Renewich 1386 MinAcct
  • Renwige 1608 DuCo
  • Rennidge 1702 Dartmoor
  • Reynweche 1452 MinAcct
  • Rynneweche 1474 Ct 1477 DuCo
  • Ranage 1666 Dartmoor


The forms are too late for any certainty, but Professor Ekwall and Dr Ritter agree in suggesting a pers. name *Rægna as the first element, a shortened form of one of the OE  names in Rægen -, Regen -. Hence 'Rægna 's farm,' v. wic . If that is the case, we have an example of a rare formation, viz. wic with a pers. name.