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Early-attested site in the Parish of Lydford

Historical Forms

  • Hextenesworth' 1317 Pat
  • Hextenworth 1344 Dartmoor
  • Hextworthy, Bysouthhexworthi 1379 Dartmoor
  • Hextesworthy 1417 Ct
  • Hexteworthy 1481 Ct
  • Haxary 1809 M


In 1417 there is mention of William Hexta of Hextesworthy and in 1481 of Robert Hexte of Hexteworthy . It is fairly certain therefore that the place took its name from an ancestor of these men, and since the element worðig was in living use at a comparatively late date the name may not go back much earlier than the first record of the place. The earliest form of the pers. name appears to be Hexten , the ME representative of OE  Hēahstān .