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Yard Fm

Early-attested site in the Parish of Ilfracombe

Historical Forms

  • Laierda 1086 DB
  • Yerd(e) 1473 IpmR 1499 Ipm
  • atte Yurd 1330 SR


There are several places of this name in the county. All probably go back to OE  gierd , gyrd , 'area of land of varying extent, usually 30 acres,' i.e. a quarter-hide. v. yard sb. 2 in NED, sense 10, where an example of its use for an area of land is quoted from a Devon charter (BCS 721). The term La Verge found in the early forms of some of these names is the corresponding French word, v. Ducanges. v. virga . La in DBLaierda is the French def. art.