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Early-attested site in the Parish of Dunkeswell

Historical Forms

  • Hokederis 1215 Ch
  • La 1281 Ass 1285 FA
  • Hokederys 1292 Ass
  • Hockedrys 1346 FA


This name, as suggested by Blomé (88), probably goes back to OE  (æt þǣm ) hōcedan hrīsan , 'bent piece of land covered with brushwood,' with the derivative hrīse , 'brushwood,' from hris , suggested by Zachrisson (Englische Studien 62, 96). The 'hook' may be the twist in the direction of the valley at this point. The Rev. E. S. Chalk notes a local pronunciation [rukəraiz]. This may go back to a ME  at ther hokedrise , cf. Rill supra 606.