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Early-attested site in the Parish of Crediton and Crediton Hamlets

Historical Forms

  • Postbir' 1270 Ass
  • Postbyry 1281 Ass
  • Postbiry 1322 Ass
  • Possebury 1276 Ass 1499 Ipm
  • Possebyr' 1277 Ass
  • Posbyr' 1281 Ass
  • Posbury 1378 IpmR


The second element is burh referring to the ancient camp here.The first is uncertain; it may be OE  post , 'post,' though no other such compound is known and the sense would be uncertain.More probably we have the same pers. name Possa which seems to be found in Poston (Sa), DBPossethorne , and Postwick (Nf), 1203 Ass Possewic .