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Major Settlement in the Parish of Churchstanton

Historical Forms

  • Estantona 1086 DB(Exon)
  • Stantone 1291 Exch
  • Cheristontone 1258–79 Exon
  • Chery Sta(u)nton 1282 Exon 1285 Ch
  • Chery and Staunton 1285 Ch
  • Cherystanton 1338 Ipm
  • Churista(u)ntone 1258–79 Exon 1312–16 Exon
  • Churestanton 1391 Cl
  • Chiriestaunton 1346 Pat
  • Churestaunton al. Churchestaunton 1512 FF


v. stan , tun . The first element is difficult. The forms are hardly consistent with OE  cyric, 'barrow,' or cyrice , 'church,' and if the first element was, as is probable, added to distinguish it from Whitestanton it can hardly be 'church,' as both villages have churches. Perhaps the most likely interpretation is to take it to be OE  ciris , cyrs , ME  chiri , cheri , 'cherry,' the place having been noted for its cherries. It is clear that confusion with the common church would arise early. That, and the influence of initial ch , would account for the occasional w-forms. For such a name cf. Cherryhinton (C).