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Major Settlement in the Parish of Brushford

Historical Forms

  • Brisforda, Brigeforda 1086 DB
  • Brig(g)eford(e) 1219 Ass 1242 Fees787 1244,1249 Ass
  • Brigheford 1242 Fees783
  • Brigford(e) 1269 Exon 1275 RH 1291 Tax
  • Bryxford 1322 Ass 1346 FA 1392 IpmR
  • Brixford Speekes 1392 Cl
  • Brushford 1330 SR
  • Brussheford(e) 1377,1392 Cl 1375 MinAcct 1535 VE
  • Brishford 1333 SR
  • Brissheford 1378 IpmR
  • Burshford 1687 Recov


One can hardly doubt that the original form of this name was Bridgeford , i.e. ford with some kind of causeway laid across it, for OE  brycg does not necessarily imply the spanning of the stream as we understand it. Later, perhaps owing to the frequent use of brushwood causeways (cf. Rice Bridge, PN Sx 258), folk- etymology seems to have been at work. Cf. Brushford (So), Brigeford , Brucheford 1086 DB, Brigeford , Brugeford et freq (13th cent.), Brissheford (1427 FF), Brussheford (1428 FA). Richard de Espec held the manor in 1242 (Fees).

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