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Early-attested site in the Parish of Bishopsteignton

Historical Forms

  • Leueton 1238 Ass
  • Lynynton 1292 Ch
  • Luneueton 1303 FA
  • Lunaton 1346 FA
  • Luton al. Louton al. Loveton al. Levaton 1811 Recov


Either 'Lēofwynn 's farm' with a feminine pers. name, or 'Lēofwine 's farm' without genitival s in the compound, cf. Loventor infra 506. Lynynton , Luneueton , Lunaton would probably have been transcribed more correctly Lyuyneton , Luveneton , Luueton . The forms show that this cannot be the Liwtun of Alfred's Will (BCS 553) as suggested by Harmer (English Historical Documents 98).