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Major Settlement in the Parish of Awliscombe

Historical Forms

  • Aulescoma 1086 DB 1535 VE
  • Awelescumb' 1221–30 Fees
  • Aullescombe 1316 Ipm
  • Auliscombe 1339 Ass
  • Aurescumbe 1203 Cur
  • Houelescumb 1285 FA
  • Ouliscomb(e) 1303 FA 1322 Ass
  • Oulescomb(e) 1351 Orig 1356 Ipm
  • Owlyscombe 1393 Exon
  • Overaouliscombe juxta Honyton 1394 Ass
  • Alscombe 1541 SR
  • Aulscombe al. Alliscombe 1706 Recov


Blomé (85) is doubtless right in identifying the first element in this name with the gen. of OE  āwel , 'awl, hook, fork,' and the reference must be to some topographical feature which distin- guishes the combe. Blomé takes it to refer to the triple fork of the river a mile from Awliscombe. It is more doubtful if he is correct in thinking that the river itself (now the Wolf) was actually called Awel . The frequent forms with Ow-, Ow - make any connexion with OE  æwiell (StudNP 2, 92) unlikely.

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