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Early-attested site in the Parish of Alwington

Historical Forms

  • Ghiliscote c.1250 DCoNQ3,164
  • Gilscote 1333 SR
  • Gillescote 1371 HMCiv


Blomé (33) suggests that we have here a pers. name of Celtic origin found also in the Durham Liber Vitae in the form Gilla . That name is clearly the Gaelic gille , 'servant,' which has no cognate in Welsh or Cornish.It is also unlikely that it would give rise to a name of strong form. There is evidence, however, for an OE  name Gylli or Gylla in Gillingham (Do), Gillingaham ASC s.a. 1016 (c. 1150) (K), Gillingeham c. 975 (12th) BCS 1321. This is a more likely source for the present name. Gylla is probably an assimilated form from earlier Gylda . Cf. the use of Gold - in pers. names.