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Great Rocks Fm

Early-attested site in the Parish of Wormhill

Historical Forms

  • Gret(e)raches 1251 DbAv 1254 LichChart
  • Gret(e)rake 1252 DbAv
  • Gret(e)rakes 1285 For 1302 Misc 1319 For 1381 SR
  • Gret(e)rackes Ed4 DuLa
  • Gret(e)rax(e) 1549 CPG Hy8 DuLa 1666 Dep
  • Greatrack(e)s, Greatrax 1580 FF 1594 CPG
  • Greatrex 1717 Potter
  • Grittraxe Eliz DuLa
  • Great Rocks 1767 Burdett


Great Rocks Fm, Gret (e )raches 1251 DbA v, 1254LichChart , Gret (e )rake 1252 DbA v, Gret (e )rakes 1285For , 1302 Misc, 1319For , 1381SR (p), Gret (e )rackes Ed 4DuLa , Gret (e )rax (e )1549CPG , Hy 8DuLa et passim to 1666Dep , Greatrack (e )s , Greatrax 1580FF , 1594CPG et passim to 18th, Greatrex 1717Potter , Grittraxe ElizDuLa , Great Rocks 1767 Burdett. 'Great valley(s)', v. grēat , hraca , cf. Raikes Fm (PN Sr 261) and The Rake (PN Sx 41). The plural form is somewhat puzzling for there is one deep rocky valley here, Great Rocks Dale. There are several dry tributary valleys, in one of which is Great Rocks Fm and whilst they are insignificant compared with the main valley they must explain the plural form. Cf. also the surname Gre (a )tt (o )rex .