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Major Settlement in the Parish of Turnditch

Historical Forms

  • Turnyndedyche 1346 Pat
  • Turn(e)dich(e), Turn(e)dych(e) 1387 Pat 1388 Cor 1390,1396 Pat
  • Turn(e)ditch(e) 1560 DbAxxv
  • Thornediche, Thornedishe 1482 MinAcct
  • Turndyke 1490 Woll
  • Turndick 1758 Bowen


If the forms Thorne - are to be accepted this is presumably 'thorn ditch', v. þyrne , dīc . There are however numerous p.ns. in Turn - which would appear to suggest that all cannot contain OE  þyrne with T - for Th -. Perhaps this is then 'winding ditch' with a first element OE  trun, turn ; the form Turnynde - would then be the present participle turnende 'winding'. Cf. also Turn (e )ridding (e )1508DuLaMB , 1607Deed , Turn (e )ryddyngs 1594 Lanc, Turn (e )ridinges 1647DuLaSC (v. rydding ) with the same first element, in this parish.