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Major Settlement in the Parish of Tupton

Historical Forms

  • Topetune 1086 DB
  • Topetun (sic) 1370 DbCh
  • Toptune 1086 DB
  • Topton Hy3 DbCh Ed1 WollCh 1438 DbCh
  • Tupton(e) 1185 Templars 1328 SR 1356 WollCh
  • Tuppeton' 1199,1200 P
  • Thopton 1297 DbCh
  • Upton als Tupton Eliz Reli


Perhaps 'Tupi's farm', v. tūn , as Ekwall (DEPN) suggests, the first element being the ODan  pers.n. Tupi as in Tupholme L. The form Upton als Tupton is too late to be significant and the identifica- tion of the lost DB Upetun with this place is incorrect, v. supra 244, so that a derivation from OE  æt upp-tune 'at the upper farm' (v. æt , upp , tūn ) is out of the question.