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Major Settlement in the Parish of Trusley

Historical Forms

  • Trusselai, Trusselay, Trussele, Trusselea, Trusseleg(a), Trusseleia, Trusseleie, Trusselay, Trusselegh, Trussel', Trusseley(e) c.1141 Tutbury 1166 RBE c.1166 AddCh 1177,1178,1179 P 1188,1194 late12th,e.13th WollCh 1226 FF 1466 WollCh
  • Truseley 1304 EveryCh
  • Tresseleye 1291 Tax
  • Tressele 1298 Ipm
  • Truslegh(e) e.13th DbCh 1224–48 HMC
  • Trusley(e) 1331 WollCh 1383,1393 Trusley
  • Thursley alias Trusley 1596 Derby


Perhaps 'brushwood clearing', v. trūs , lēah . If this is so the almost universal -ss - in the early forms is puzzling. Perhaps to be identified with Trusley is Toxenai 1086 DB cf. Notes s.n. It is perhaps 'at the oxen enclosure', v. æt , oxa , (ge)hæg.