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Sutton Scarsdale

Major Settlement in the Parish of Sutton cum Duckmanton

Historical Forms

  • Sudtun(e) 1086 DB
  • Sudton' et in Dal' 1203 Cur
  • Suttun c.1160 BMFac
  • Sutton(e) 1226,1236 FF 1269 Ass
  • Sutton(e) in Scarsdale 1541 DbAxiv
  • Sutton(e) in Dal, Sutton(e) in Dall(e), Sutton(e) in la Dale, Sutton(e) in le Dall(e), Sutton(e) en Dal(e), Sutton(e) en le Dale 1243 Fees 1247 Ipm 1284–6 FA
  • Sutton(e) in the Dale 1596 Cai
  • Sutton(e) de Dalgh 1431 Fine


'South farm', v. sūð , tūn ; 'south' perhaps in relation to Staveley.The valley is that which gave its name to R. Doe Lea supra 5, and cf. Deepdale Fm infra . v. dæl 1 , dalr . The distinctive addition is from the Earls of Scarsdale , who lived here in the 17th and 18th centuries (Lysons 217).