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Sidneys Fm

Early-attested site in the Parish of Stretton

Historical Forms

  • Sidenhale, Sydenhale c.1180,c.1230 Taylor 1258 Kniveton Hy3 HardCh Hy3 Derbyshire
  • Sidenhall 1345 Cor
  • Sydenhall 1566 FF
  • Sidney Farm 1840 O


Sidneys Fm (6″), Sidenhale , Sydenhale c. 1180, c. 1230Taylor , 1258Kniveton (p), Hy 3HardCh (p), Hy 3Derbyshire (p), Sitenhale Hy 3 For (p), Sidenhall 1345Cor (p), Sydenhall 1566FF , Sidney Farm 1840 O. 'At the broad corner of land', v. sīd , halh (dat.sg. sīdan hale ).Cf. The Sidnals (PN Wo 363).