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Somersal Herbert

Major Settlement in the Parish of Somersal Herbert

Historical Forms

  • Summersale 1086 DB
  • Sumer(e)shal(a), Sumer(e)sal' 1179,1205 P 1205 FineR 1206 Cur 1252,1267 Cl
  • Somersal(e) e.13th,Hy3 DbAiv 1268 WollCh 1287 1460 DbAiv
  • Somersal(e) Herbert, Somersal(e) Herberd c.1300 1330 Ass Ed3 DbAiv 1472 WollCh
  • Chirchesomersale Hy3 DbAiv 1278 FF Ed2,1464 DbAiv
  • Kirke Somersale 1423 DbAiv
  • Kirksomersall 1652 DuLa


Probably 'Sumor's nook or corner of land', v. halh (dat.sg. hale ).An OE  pers.n. Sumor is not recorded but would be parallel to OHG  Sumar , ON  Sumarr . The spelling -mm - of DB is not supported later and there seems little point in considering the OE  pers.n. Sunmǣr , with later assimilation to Summer , cf. Somersham (PN BedHu 222–3). It is Herbert from the Fitzherbert family, lords of the manor, cf. Willelmum filium Herberti 1206 Cur. An alternative name was Church , v. cirice , kirkja , cf. Hill and Potter Somersal infra 610 and Somersall supra 222.