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Kidsleypark Fm

Early-attested site in the Parish of Smalley

Historical Forms

  • (in) Kidesleage 1009 SaltCh
  • Kid(e)slea, Kyd(e)slea, Kyd(e)slee, Kyd(e)sleg(a), Kyd(e)slegh(e), Kyd(e)sleya, Kyd(e)sley(e) 1176 P c.1200 AddCh 1231 Pat c.1240 Darley 1269 Ass
  • Chiteslei 1086 DB
  • Kyddesley(e) 1327 Newstead 1418 Cl
  • Kiddesley Park 1577 Saxton


Perhaps 'Cyddi's clearing', v. lēah , as suggested by Ekwall (DEPN). For OE  pers.n. *Cyddi cf. Cyddesige 968 BCS 1221.