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Major Settlement in the Parish of Sinfin and Arleston

Historical Forms

  • Sedenefeld 1086 DB
  • Sidenfen, Sydenfen e.13th Dale c.1250 Darley c.1250 Dale 1251 Ch 1322 FF 1431 FA
  • Sudenfen 1237,c.1240 Darley 1298 Ipm
  • Sidefen' c.1250 Darley
  • Sedenfen 1298 Ipm
  • Syndefen 1553 DbAxxiv
  • Syndefyne 1570 CPG
  • Synfold 1577 Saxton 1610 Speed
  • Sinfold 1758 Bowen
  • Symphine 1589 Lanc
  • Synfeild als Synfen 1617 StarChamb


This is a difficult name which must remain an unsolved problem; the second element is fenn 'fen' with the DB feld , presumably an error, reappearing as an alternative in 1617. The first element could be OE  sīd 'wide' (wk.obl. sīdan ) or even an old p.n. sīde -denu 'wide valley'.

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