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Major Settlement in the Parish of Shardlow and Great Wilne

Historical Forms

  • Serdelau 1086 DB
  • Serdelaw 1202 FF
  • Sherdelawe 1231,1240 FF
  • Sardeloua c.1200 AddCh
  • S(c)hard(e)low(e) e.13th Werb 1243 Fees 1249–65 Werb 1266 Darley 1286 FF
  • S(c)hard(e)law(e) 1230 Memo 1269 Ass 1397 DbCh
  • Chardelawe 1273 Cl
  • Scardelowe 1295 Ch
  • Sharlow(e) 1577 Saxton 1610 Speed 1631 StJ


Probably 'mound with a notch or indentation', v. sceard , hlāw .The place lies low beside the R. Trent and there can be no question of hlāw in a general sense 'hill', though a search has failed to discover the mound. Cf. however supra xv.