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Early-attested site in the Parish of Ockbrook

Historical Forms

  • Burg(e), Burgo c.1200 Darley c.1250,1261 Dale 1269 Ass Hy3 Dale 1362 Ipm
  • Burc' c.1213 Darley
  • Burgh (super Derwentam) 1269 Dale
  • Burgh by Spondon 1283 Misc 1283 Pat c.1300 Dale 1417 MinAcct
  • Borough' 1374 Cor
  • Burghas' 1269 Dale
  • Burghasshe 1330 Ass
  • Burysasch 1272 FF
  • Burwishasshe 1276 RH
  • Borwesasse 1291 Tax
  • Burghes(s)ache 1330 Ass
  • Burghes(s)assh 1385,1386 Cor
  • Boroughashe 1535 Val
  • Borowarshe (sic) 1546 AD
  • Borowashe 1562 Pat
  • Borowe Ashe c.1600 Add
  • de Aluuaston dictus del Essh 1278 Darley
  • ad Fraxinium de Alwaston 1296 BelCh
  • atte Esshe de Okebroke 1330 Ass


Originally 'the fortification', v. burh , almost all the earliest forms referring to the mill there, cf. molendinum quod uocatur Burthmulne 1262 Darley. It is frequently alternatively called the mill of Alvaston cf. molendino de Alwaldeston ' quod vocatur molendinum de Burgo 1261Dale and earlier is simply molendini de Alwoldeston 'Hy 2 Darley. The later addition -ash must be taken from some prominent ash-tree which no doubt gave its name also to Andrew de Aluuaston dictus del Essh 1278 Darley, ad Fraxinium de Alwaston 1296BelCh (the same person), Andrew atte Esshe de Okebroke 1330Ass .