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Early-attested site in the Parish of Marston Montgomery

Historical Forms

  • Clunham Hy3 For
  • Clounam c.1300 DbAiv
  • ham 1330 Ass
  • le Clownams 1535 Val
  • Clownam 1602 FF
  • Clownhome 1767 Burdett


Clownholme, Clunham Hy 3For (p), Clounam c. 1300 DbA iv(p), ham 1330Ass (p), le Clownams 1535 Val, Clownam 1602FF , Clownhome 1767 Burdett. The first element appears to be identical with Clowne supra 238, a river-name from Brit  colauno-, the word having some general meaning as 'water, river'. This may have been the original name of the settlement and the modern name means 'homestead at Cloun ' (v. hām ) or even 'Cloun water-meadow' (v. hamm ).The farm is on the slopes above the R. Dove, overlooking a great bend in the river which has almost formed an oxbow lake.