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Early-attested site in the Parish of Longford

Historical Forms

  • Malmerton(e), Malmertona 1197 P John DbCh Hy3 WollCh 1281 Ass Ed1 DbCh
  • Malmarton 1272,1281,1303,1345,1477 ib
  • Mamerton 1415 Woll


Mammerton, Malmerton (e ), Malmertona 1197 P, John DbCh, Hy 3WollCh , 1281Ass , Ed 1 DbCh, Malmarton 1272, 1281, 1303, 1345, 1477 ib, Mamerton 1415Woll . Professor Bruce Dickins suggests that this is 'Melmor's farm', v. tūn ; cf. Melmerby (PN Cu 223–4, PN NRY 255). The pers.n. is OIr  Mael Maire , literally 'servant of Mary', which was borrowed into OWScand  as Melmor .