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Major Settlement in the Parish of Hartshorne

Historical Forms

  • Heorteshorne, in alia Heorteshorne 1086 DB
  • Herteshorn(e), Hertishorn(e), -horn(e) c.1141,1162 Tutbury 1195,1196 P 1196 FF c.1196 DbCh 1197 P 1221 Cur 1495 AddCh
  • Hertushorn(e) 1369 Cor
  • Hertyshornys 1499 AddCh
  • Herteshurn' 1221 Cur
  • Hortishorn c.1245 DbAnsvi 1284–6 FA
  • Hartsorn 1348 Cor
  • Hartyshorn 1544 DKR
  • Hart(e)shorn(e) 1577 Saxton 1610 Speed


'Hart's horn', v. heort , horn , no doubt named from Horn Hill, south-east of the village, from its supposed resemblance to a hart's horn. The DB entries refer to the two parts of the village; in the more northerly is the old Hall and in the more southerly the old Manor House and Church (FW). Cf. Hartshorn Fm (PN Nt 54).