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Losk Corner

Early-attested site in the Parish of Glapwell


Losk Corner (6″), cf. Los (c )k (e )c. 1240, c. 1250 Darley, 1260, Hy 3Derbyshire , c. 1300 Darley, 1610Senior , Loskes c. 1240 ib, Los (c )he Hy 3 ib, Ed 1Derbyshire , le Loyke 1248–61 Darley and Loskecroftes 13thBeau . Professor Bruce Dickins suggests that this is perhaps from a Brit word, found in W  as llosg , Corn , Bret  losk , losc , 'burning, a burning', with reference to an area cleared by fire. Cf. Newton Arlash (PN Cu 291).