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Major Settlement in the Parish of Draycott and Church Wilne

Historical Forms

  • Draicot 1086 DB
  • Draicot(e), Draycot(e) 1188,1202,1203 P 1208 FF 1230 P 1243 Fees
  • Dreycote 1259 LichChart
  • Dracot 1502 WollCh 1577 DbAi


Probably 'cottage at or near a portage', v. dræg , cot . The first element is OE  dræg 'portage, dray'; in this example 'portage, place where a boat could be dragged overland to cut off a bend' seems very likely. The place is situated besides a narrow neck of land in a well- developed meander of the R. Derwent, which has almost formed an oxbow lake. Alternatively it might be 'shed where drays were kept'.