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Early-attested site in the Parish of Derby

Historical Forms

  • Collisleye Hy3 WollCh
  • Collyslege Ed1 ib
  • Collesley 1509,1587 Coxiii
  • Collysley 1530 DuLa
  • Cowl(l)esley 1587 Coxiii
  • Cousley 1626 Brookhill


Cowsley (6″), Collisleye Hy 3WollCh , Collyslege Ed 1 ib, Collesley 1509, 1587 Cox iii, Collysley 1530DuLa , Cowl (l )esley 1587 Cox iii, Cousley 1626Brookhill . 'Colle's clearing', v. lēah . The pers.n. Colle appears in Db in DB and is well evidenced in Derby in the 13th century and following, cf. Colle and Dodda filius Colle c. 1240 Darley, William Colle 1306 Ass. It is probably ultimately ON , ODan  Kolli (v. Feilitzen 307). For the development v. supra lii.