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Darley Abbey

Major Settlement in the Parish of Darley Abbey

Historical Forms

  • parua Derl' c.1140 Darley
  • Derleg(a), Derlegam, Derleia, Derleie, Derleya, Derley(e), Derl', Derle(e), Derlea, Derle(y)g(h), Derlye 1154–9,Hy2 Darley Hy2 BelCh 1189 Darley 1191 BelCh 1200 Dale 1570 DKR
  • Dereleye c.1200 Gerv 1349 Crich
  • Dorleya c.1280,c.1460 Austin
  • Darley(e), Darle, Darleigh 1414 RegChich 1518 Austin 1539 CampbCh


'Wild animal or deer clearing', v. dēor , lēah ; cf. Darley supra 81 and for the first element cf. Derby infra 446.