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Major Settlement in the Parish of Dalbury Lees

Historical Forms

  • Delbebi (sic) 1086 DB
  • Dellingeberie 1086 DB
  • Dalebiry c.1141 Tutbury
  • Dalebiria 1162 ib
  • Dalebir' e.13th WollCh
  • Dalberry a.1192 Shir
  • Dalenburi e.13th WollCh
  • Dalebure 1281 Ass
  • Dal(e)bury 1281 FF 1291 Tax 1298 Ipm 1315 Ch 1316 FF
  • Dal(e)byry 1330 QW 1330 Ass
  • Dalby(e) 1547 MinAcct
  • Dalby(e) als Dalbury 1555 Pat
  • Dalby(e) als Dalbiery 1555 DbAxxvii


The DB form Dellinge - suggests 'fortification of D(e)alla's people', v. burh (dat.sg. byrig ), but it is difficult to know what weight can be attached to this single DB spelling. On the evidence of the remaining forms 'Dalla's fortification' seems more likely. The alternative DB form Delbebi is erratic, presumably for Delberi .