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Major Settlement in the Parish of Beauchief

Historical Forms

  • Be(a)uchef in Dorhesles c.1175 Beau
  • Be(a)uchef in Dorhesele 12th Pat 1316
  • Be(a)uchef qui in Doreheseles situs est 1312 Beau
  • Be(a)uchef(e), Be(a)ucheff, Be(a)uchief late12th,e.13th Beau John WollCh 1208 FF
  • Be(a)uchiff(e), Be(a)uchyff 1547 Woll 1676 Bemrose
  • Be(a)wchef, Be(a)wcheff(e), Be(a)wchief 1458,1461 Premon 1462 Sloane 16th
  • Be(a)wchiff 1540,1546 DKR 1601 DbAxvi
  • Beychyff 1519 Hallx
  • Bechif Abbey 1577 Saxton 1610 Speed
  • (de) Bello Capite sive Bewchefe 1475 Premon
  • Bello Capite otherwise Beauchieff 1557 Hall iii


There are numerous references in the Latinised forms Bellum Capud , Bellum Caput and (de ) Bello Capite and note (de ) Bello Capite sive Bewchefe 1475 Premon, Bello Capite otherwise Beauchieff 1557 Hall iii.

This is a typical French name for a monastic site 'the beautiful headland', from OFr  beau (v. bel 2 ), chef , cf. Beachy Head (PN Sx 427). The abbey was situated near a hill-spur. Cf. also Dore infra 240.