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Baslow Bar

Early-attested site in the Parish of Baslow and Bubnell

Historical Forms

  • Basselowe Barre Ed2 DbAxxii


Baslow Bar (6″), Basselowe Barre Ed 2 DbA xxii. Bar is PrW  *barr 'top, crest', here referring to the steep ridge overlooking Baslow. Cf. Barr (PN St 10) and Barrock (PN Cu 201). Pegge 3–4 notes its use in Db dial. meaning 'horseway up a steep hill'. He states: “In the Peak of Derbyshire all those steep and precipitous roads which run down from the cliffs to the valleys, where the villages are generally plac'd, they call Bars, whence Bakewell Bar, Beely Bar, Baslow Bar, Rowsley Bar, etc.”