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Ault Hucknall

Major Settlement in the Parish of Ault Hucknall

Historical Forms

  • Hokenhale 1291 Tax
  • Hokenal 1340 SR
  • Hukenal(l)e 1340 NewsteadR 1428 FA 1472 WollCh
  • Haulte Huknall 1535 Val 1545 DKR
  • Hautehu(c)knall 1545 DbAxxvii 1547 MinAcct
  • Hawte Hucknall 1582 FF


This name is clearly identical with Hucknall Torkard (PN Nt 118–9), some eleven miles distant, and with Hucknall under Huthwaite (PN Nt 119–20), which lies between the two places. Ekwall (DEPN) is very likely correct in suggesting that Hucknall was perhaps a district name, comprising both Hucknalls. The apparent lack of early forms for the Db place would seem to point in the same direction. It is 'Hucca's nook of land', v. halh , cf. Great and Little Hucklow supra 131 for the same pers.n. The affix Ault is probably from OFr  haut 'high'.

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