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Atlow Winn

Early-attested site in the Parish of Atlow

Historical Forms

  • Winnedun, Wynnedun, Wynnedon(a) late12th DbCh late12th WollCh 1258,c.1260,1263,Hy3,1292 Kniveton
  • Wynedon(e) 1258 FF 1269 Ass c.1315 BelCh
  • Winesdone 1212 FF
  • Wonnedon c.1300,1318 BelCh
  • Wondon 1304,Ed1 Kniveton 1350 BelCh


Together with this should be taken Hognaston Winn and Winn Barn, all three situated on a prominent hill. The forms with Wi -, Wy - and Wo - are conflicting and whilst the latter may well be orthographic errors for We -, there can be little doubt that the MS spellings are Wo -. If they are accepted as errors for We - such spellings would be unexpected in this area for OE y . Even so with most of the forms showing Wi -, Wy - and with a modern Wi - a possible first element is OE  winn1, wynne 'pasture'. A meaning 'pasture or grazing hill' would be topographically suitable. v. dūn .

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