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Major Settlement in the Parish of Ashleyhay

Historical Forms

  • Assellewehay, Asselewesshay 1254 Ipm
  • As(s)h(e)ley(e)hay(e), Ascheley(e)hay(e), -ley(e)-, Ascheleghay(e), Aschelehay(e), Aschelyhay(e), -hay(e) 1282 FF c.1300 Darley 1308 Ipm 1328 SR 1330 Ass
  • -hey(e) 1396 Pat 1431 FA 1499 WollCh 1598 Woll
  • Asseleyhay 1330 Ass
  • Aslehey 1424 CPG


'Enclosure belonging to or near Ashley', v. (ge)hæg. The earlier name (no longer surviving) must have been Ashley , which is 'ash clearing', v. æsc , lēah , but the earliest spellings point rather to OE  hlǣw , a variant of hlāw 'hill'.

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