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High and Low Longthwaite

Early-attested site in the Parish of Woodside

Historical Forms

  • Lounthwayt 1277 Hesley 1348 GDR 1578 Cocker
  • Lounthweyt 1285 For
  • Lounethweyt 1316 Ipm
  • Loundthwayt 1360 Pat
  • Lownthwate, Lownethwate 1597 CWxl
  • Lonethwayte 1549 FF


The first element here is probably the northern dialect word lown , 'quiet, sheltered' (see Lindkvist 117). The origin of the word has not been fully worked out, but derivation from ON  logn , of similar meaning, is most likely. The second element is þveit .