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Early-attested site in the Parish of Whicham

Historical Forms

  • Sathertun c.1260 Hesley
  • Satherton' 1278,1286,1289 Ass
  • Satherton 1278,1292 c.1296 Furness 1338 Ipm
  • Sacherton 1292 QW
  • villa de Saterton
  • Saterton 1538 Hudleston
  • Kirkby Santon al. Satterston 1649 ib
  • Satterton al Sotherton al. Satherton 1741 ib


v. tūn . The forms do not suggest any definite etymology for the first element, unless ON  sǫð , feminine of saðr , 'sated,' can be used as a nickname, in which case 'Sǫð 's tūn is formally possible.