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Early-attested site in the Parish of Waterhead

Historical Forms

  • Bordoswald, Borddosewald c.1200 Weth
  • Bordosewald c.1214 ib
  • Burthoswald c.1245 Laner
  • Burdeoswald in Erthington 1295 Ipm
  • Borthosewold 1363 GDR
  • Lambordoswolde 1589 ExchKR
  • Brudessolle 1589 ExchKR
  • High, Lowe Burdosell 1603 Gilsland
  • Burduzall 1669 PR(Laner)
  • Burdushold 1686 ib


As suggested by Sir Ifor Williams, this is probably the Welsh  bwrdd Oswallt , 'Oswald's table.' Cf. Bwrdd Arthur , 'Arthur's table,' which occurs as a Welsh place-name.

The Romano-British name of Birdoswald was Camboglanna (v. Appendix).