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St Bridget and St John Beckermet

Major Settlement in the Parish of St Bridget and St John Beckermet

Historical Forms

  • Bechermet c.1130 StB 1262 Dugdv 1279 Ass
  • Bekhermett 1332 SR
  • Bekhermet 1350 Ipm
  • Becheremet c.1160 WethA
  • Beccheremed c.1180 ib
  • Bechiremđ c.1180 Hesley
  • Beckirmeth c.1180 Hesley c.1185 StB
  • Maiori Beckyrmeth c.1205 Hesley
  • Bekyrmet 1188 P
  • Bekirmet 1189 1278 Ass
  • Bechirmet 1262 Dugdv 1279 Ass
  • Beckirmet 1294 Cl
  • (Major) Bekermet 1242 FF
  • Bekyremet 1279 Ass
  • Beckermeth 1291 Tax 1717 CaineCl
  • Beckermete 1334 Ipm 1338 Cl
  • Beckermot 1385 Pat
  • Beckermothe 1387 IpmR
  • Beckermouth 1583 FlemingMem 1664
  • Beck Armet, Beckarmett 1570 ExchKR
  • Beckarmond 1576 S
  • Berkinmouth St Johns 1656 CantWvii
  • Beckermont 1698 PR(Whicham) 1762,1816 Jackson
  • Beckerment 1722 Jackson


The two parishes are distinguished as St Bridget and St John from the dedication of the churches. Cf. eccl. sancti Johannis Baptistæ de Bechermet , parochiæ sanctæ Bridgittæ 1262 Dugd v, Sant Jons 1552 CW (OS) viii, St Bride church 1578Cocker , St Bridget 's Beckermet 1642 HMC iv. Great Beckermet is St Bridget, Little Beckermet, St John.

The references under 1570, which come from two separate documents, indicate that the present accentuation of the name is as old as that date. They dissociate the name from Beckermonds (WRY), to which it has sometimes been regarded as a parallel. If, as is probable, this accentuation is original, it becomes difficult, if not impossible, to derive the name from a compound of ON  bekkiar (gen. pl. of bekkr , 'stream'), and OE  mōt or ON  mæti , 'meeting' as had been suggested by Lindkvist (6) and Ekwall (DEPN). The name should rather be taken as an inversion compound meaning 'hermit's bekkr.'

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